My name is Caton

I paint for a living, and I live for the painting.

I never knew I was a painter, it wasn’t some childhood phenomena that I was born with. In fact I found it to be the most vain art form for a multitude of reasons and I’m still not entirely wrong in that assumption. But I seem to be good at it, and it puts me in a flow, and sometimes I can give people hope. So I’d still give up everything just to feel like there’s some sort of difference being made. No matter how small, maybe a smile, maybe a change of mind, or a change of heart, maybe you see the color and forget why you were sad if only for but a moment.

But I can sleep easier knowing that I made something beautiful while the world seemed to be getting uglier by the day. So hold faith and keep your head up it’s our turn to try and light the way for the human race.


Heres me answering a few questions about my creative process for a short film my buddy Matt Mcbride with Spekproductions did earlier this year.